The LIVE YOUR BOLD line is designed to bring a little color and fun into everyday wardrobes. The core of the line includes apparel with fun patterns which allow the Brighter BOLD girl to experiment and be fashion forward while fulfilling her need for work-appropriate pieces.

The line features leggings and tees to make a statement when you’re out and about or even working out. Accessories like totes and phone cases are the perfect way to add a finishing touch.  I had so much fun designing this line! I’m so used to recommending products to my followers, but it was such a cool experience to create pieces just for them that I know they’ll love.


The Lifestyle List is a collection of all my favorite things I use in my everyday life. These are brands I believe in, products I’ve tried and love, and recommendations for things I use everyday. Not only am I bringing you all my favorites in one place, most of them come with amazing discount codes to help you save some money!


Brighter BOLD is a movement towards empowering women to bring their boldness to light and turn up the volume on their inner voice. We launched in 2016 as a space for women looking to become confident in who they are, fearless with their style, and who want to surround themselves with a community that supports them on a journey of self-love.

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